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Please provide information about the specific test, the test substance and the kind of animals used. We will get back to you in the next 10 working days

Common Procedure:

If we both agree that we will offer your study on our homepage we will sign an NDA and the following further procedures
for an assessment are possible:

1. To evaluate your study, we will send it to Feed and Additives GmbH (FaA) after agreeing on confidentiality.
FaA will write a regulatory assessment of the study. If you agree with the assessment we will present it together with a study summary/exposé on our homepage. Details are visible for registered users only. You as sponsor and possible vendor will remain confidential.

2. You send your study to another company which is able to provide a regulatory assessment. We will present this assessment incl. a study summary on our homepage after brief review of the main details checking it for the major details and bringing it to our standard form. For this adjustment we will charge an hourly rate of 150€ plus VAT.
(We reserve the right to reject the assessment if there are major deficiencies in its content.)